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خانه / Iran Oil & Energy Vendorlist

Iran Oil & Energy Vendorlist

لینک کوتاه مطلب: http://vendorlist.ir/eYp8V

Taking part in oil, gas, and energy projects in Iran obviously requires products and services being introduced to government agencies and other project owners.(official vendor lists)
For this purpose, ecasb has been publishing a magazine called ‘vendor list’, which contains information about contracting companies, manufacturers, engineering firms, etc. for years.

This database, which you can obtain a sample via here, is published monthly and a total of 10,000 printed copies are distributed among private and public companies, organizations, government agencies, etc., whom one way or another are involved in such projects.

Now you have the opportunity to get one step closer to Iranian market simply by filling up our online ‘vendor list’ registration form.

It is also notable that Iran has the fourth largest proven oil reserves in the world and has the world’s largest proven natural gas reserves. Moreover, a large country such as Iran, offers exceptional investment opportunities in the fields of energy, power and electricity.

Free registration

You can sign up for free in our online ‘vendor list’ and provide information on your products and services to those involved in such projects, completely free.

‘Vendor List’ is published as an annex to ‘Dastavard Sanat’ magazine, which is published both in Farsi and English.


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